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You’ll hear his answer when you tune into our chat because like you, we were intrigued to know why now and why the story line he chose but as you will hear him say “it was always a plan to write a book in his retirement”

We’ll circle back to that…

The Story

Set in the early months of 2020 Maybe It’s About Time is a story about the difficulty of changing life for the better. The central characters are Marcus and Claire and how a chance encounter through a mutual friend, Gavin leads to an unlikely friendship all the while the early months of the pandemic were unfolding. We had to ask Neil whether Marcus was actually him but he assures us the character was totally fictional albeit he draws on his experience of what he describes as the egocentric world of professional service.

Whilst full of humour, the story ultimately delivers a serious message about remaining true to our personal values and changing lives for the better.

We began reading Maybe It’s About Time on a transatlantic flight to Salt Lake City just recently. It was a large book to take on board but Susan was quickly engrossed (and the crew were intrigued to know was it a good book lol). I (Chris) get to read it next beacuse that’s how we work together lol 😂!

We asked Neil if he ever saw his book becoming a movie. We had to laugh when he said he was no J K Rowling or a Harry Potter wizard but seriously if the right person reads his book we’re sure it would make a great screenplay.

After all the pandemic years will be something that will be talked about for a very long time and we reckon his satirical look at those times would be a hit!

If you’re intrigued we highly recommend you pick up and read It’s About Time and connect with Neil if you have any questions (detail on his website below)

You’ll find him on Twitter @iamneilboss and on LinkenIn he’s @NeilBoss

His website is

We don’t know about you but we hope there’s a sequel or two in the pipeline and if future books are anything like his first there’s definitely important messages the world needs to hear

Thanks for joining us on today’s podcast and look forward to seeing you next time…

Could you write a book?

Tune it for a future podcast to find out

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Your Health Is Your Wealth Tue, 22 Nov 2022 15:56:34 +0000 The phrase “your health is your wealth” has been spoken for years. In fact the Jim Rohn once said “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”  Sadly however, we don’t always pay attention to it until one day we get a wake up call. We all think we’re bulletproof until we’re not!

That was us but fortunately it was nothing that couldn’t be put right but the warning light hit us like a ton of bricks. We have always taken care of our health by eating sensibly and taking moderate exercise although we do confess to liking a glass of wine or two…

Our annual check up and blood test revealed we both had high cholesterol levels so we were told we needed to do something about it. Long story short we were lucky enough to be referred to a specialist clinic in London and a consultation which led to us being told we needed to take a daily statin and to lose weight and do more exercise. We both had familial high cholesterol hence we needed medication albeit only a very low dose because diet and exercise wouldn’t fix that type of cholesterol. But what we discovered was we all have two types of cholesterol and there is one we can all take control of.

Then came along the Pandemic and we can honestly say it forced us to take more exercise. We’re not gym bunnies but we do both love the rowing machine and had one delivered to our home for the duration. That combined with daily walking (measured on the Fitbit so no cheating), hiring our friend (a personal trainer who used to train us at our local gym and now found himself with no physical clients) we soon found ourselves a good routine.

Now that’s not the end of the story by a long chalk…

Long story short we found a company who used only natural products that focused on the gut-brain-axis

Whoever even new such a thing existed 🙄

Whoever even knew the link between our gut and our brain could lead to so many health benefits and that sleep 😴 was a key component.

The more research we did the more convinced we were that this was what we were looking for and it’s what could ultimately lead to the better health and lifestyle of so many aside from ourselves.

As online entrepreneurs, the pandemic also put paid to our plans to travel and do all the things we loved about that side of our business and it got us thinking more and more about others like us…

What kinds of stresses were they having to cope with on a daily basis

Was there something we could do to change that?

As entrepreneurs we manage stress on a daily basis and our bodies come to cope with it but what if there were a way to limit that stress? What if this “gut-brain-axis” thing could really help? What if it could help people from all walks of life have improved health and the ability to cope better?

There was only one way to find out and that was to buy some of the products for ourselves and that’s exactly what we did and you can see for yourself here some of the choices we had

We love how every product is clearly explained by the formulator Dr Shawn Talbott as well as it’s benefits, and how it works on the gut-brain-axis

Our favourite is Happy Juice which does exactly what it says on the tin as the saying goes

It’s a drink we both take every day mixed with water but each can be taken separately if you prefer (the Energy+ sachet is a great example and we always carry extra supplies with us)

When it comes to your literal wealth, your health is going to do one of two things. It’s either going to enhance your lifestyle, impact and effectiveness in this world or it’s going to hinder your ability to have the monetary gains you desire.

Having discovered products that do indeed do what they say we partnered with the company because the people who look to us to help them create a healthy and wealthy retirement know we only share what we believe in.

There’s a quote that says how you do one thing is how you do everything, and the commitment it takes to be consistent with your fitness and health undoubtedly carries over into other areas of life.

Your health is your wealth, so be certain to make choices that reflect the level of wealth you desire!

After all your retirement is a time of life to enjoy life and you can only do that if you have the best of health

To find out more about Amare we’ve put together a page for you to review here

Last but not least why not take our short quiz and tell us about your lifestyle habits. Once completed, you will receive recommendations based on your answers to the quiz from our line of amazing products formulated by Dr. Shawn Talbott that will help support your mind, body, and overall wellness.

Let’s get started!

Thanks for reading and if you would like to have a call to discuss how we can work together you can book a free call with us right here

The information provided here is not intended as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You should consult with a qualified healthcare provider for advice concerning your specific situation.

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A Month In Tavira Mon, 21 Nov 2022 18:28:55 +0000 There was a very well known book we read called A Year In Provence, a best-selling memoir by Peter Mayle written in 1989 about his first year in Provence. We thought why don’t we write a journal about our month in Tavira so here we are bringing it to life

Tavira is a small city on Portugal’s Algarve coast. It straddles the Gilão River, which reaches the sea through the inlets and lagoons of Ria Formosa Natural Park. It’s know for its cobbled streets and quaint houses, shops and restaurants. We chose this as our base for our adventures as it’s in the Eastern Algarve where we’re looking to live and work in our retirement years

Each day we share some of our favourite photos from the day and our thoughts about life in general. We hope you’ll enjoy reading them and are inspired to do more with the precious life you have been given.

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Just Imagine

Living The Retirement Lifestyle

This is it!

Impromptu lunch 🥗 beside the river in the winter sunshine ☀ listening to a violinist playing the theme tune from Titanic

Read it here

To be continued…

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A Blessing In Disguise Creates Opportunity Thu, 10 Nov 2022 11:29:11 +0000 In this episode of Living The Retirement Lifestyle Podcast we meet long time friend and business owner Jeffrey Ross from Australia and learn how this one time cattle rancher turned his hand to internet marketing and began a whole new career. As we catch up with him ten years after first meeting we discover he’s already planning for additional income streams to supplement his business and fulfil a passion for travel

It’s interesting that there’s always a trigger point that leads to change so tune in and hear what happened

So you had a really big reason to do something different?


I saw the opportunity to create an income stream from internet marketing, learnt everything I could about it from the academy we both belonged to and like you two have never looked back. It lead to me starting a business that I still have helping business owners with their marketing and lead generation.”

You will hear that it didn’t stop there…

Jeff shared how he believes that the universe, faith or whatever it is that controls our destiny definitely had something in mind for him and led him down a path he never expected to find himself on just as the recession of 2008 set us on a path of discovery that we have been travelling for the past 12 years.

So let’s bring you fast forward…

You’ve built a successful business but approaching retirement at some point in time we know from our social media connection you love to travel as much as we do so can we ask you how important you think it is, even if you own a traditional style business to find another stream of income to supplement your later life expectations?

Whilst Jeff shared how he’s always believed in multiple income streams he shares how COVID really bought this home for him and love how he talks about streams of income as buckets

So we have our chunk cash as he calls it using the example of building a website for which he gets paid a chunk of cash – the job is done and you’re paid for it. Then there’s bucket two – our residual or our passive income. In his day to day business that comes from fees generated from monthly support for example. Then there’s what Jeff refers to as investment income streams real estate, stocks and shares shares etc whatever that is.

The question is how to service all three areas

It was COVID that really brought that home for Jeff (as it did for a lot of people)

He had a thriving service based business in sectors severely affected by the aftermath of the pandemic providing marketing business, doing Facebook ads and funnels developments for the health industry, servicing massage centres, chiropractors, gym, hairdressers, all of that. He ended up having to lay off his staff because those businesses closed and the work flow dried up.

That was the tipping point for the decision to focus on other income streams and do so quickly.

With a passion for travel and a conversation with a friend he joined a travel club and now generates an income from sharing that business with people who want to travel. Post pandemic it’s the one thing people want to do he says (we agree) and demand is growing exponentially. He saw the opportunity and grabbed it.

There’s a well known quote from Sir Richard Branson that reminds of the importance of taking advantage of opportunity

If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!

We couldn’t agree more!

Now Jeff is able to earn an income from sharing his love of travel with his friends, family and others helping them save money on fabulous travel just like he does.

Getting paid to travel is so fantastic he says…

He’s off to Hawaii very soon so what could be better 😀

This business model is network marketing so we asked Jeff why he is an advocate for network marketing/social selling. He shares how he believes it’s a great way to get into business but highlighted how sadly too many people who try it have given it a bad name as they don’t have the right tools and strategies to succeed. He says this is such a shame because in today’s world of social media and strategies of attraction marketing anyone can put up a post on social media and direct people to connect with them, have their questions answered and get them started if they’re happy to do so. All because they were attracted to read that post. Best of all anyone of any age can do this so it’s a perfect income stream for someone building an income for their retirement lifestyle because your efforts dictate how much or how little you want to earn.

Best of all having a business like this gives you a purpose in life and it doesn’t matter whether you retired or not retired or whatever, you have a reason to get up in the morning

This is something very important as retirement is not all a bed of roses and there’s only so much golf you can play!

We do hope you enjoyed this episode of Living The Retirement Lifestyle with our guest Jeff Ross

You can connect with him here on Facebook and learn more about his life and business – even ask him about his travel club.

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All Because They Loved Chocolate… Wed, 05 Oct 2022 15:49:45 +0000 It will all make perfect sense when you hear from Peter Barker our guest on this episode of Living The Retirement Lifestyle Podcast. Peter is Operations Director of Wildgoose Events, an award winning, multi-million pound global events and licensing business but he’s no stranger to facing up to challenges as you’ll hear

It’s no surprise then that Peter is someone who thinks outside the box when faced with difficulties and the pandemic couldn’t have been a worse turn of events for someone who has an events business that involves people coming together!

But he had the fortitude along with his co-directors to pivot into the virtual world that we all came to be a part of during 2020/21 and their innovative approach was a win win coming up with products that could help keep teams engaged whilst people were locked down at home utilising zoom. So we came up with escape games and murder mysteries and quizzes, and all sorts of different things that people could do with their teams online. Truth is for a couple of months things were pretty tough but long story short is we came through COVID and had the best two years in business we’ve ever had and in 2020/21 delivered just over three and a half thousand events all around the world and had the most successful two years in business in terms of revenue and profit as well.

We can all learn a great deal from that not least of which is turning what could be abject failure into your fortune and hearing of a success story coming out of COVID is very encouraging!

Moving on we asked Peter about side hustles to which he admits having had one or two but the most memorable was the chocolate business from which the title of this podcast originated

So how did it all begin?

Peter tells us that his wife and daughters are “chocoholics” and so he came up with an idea to help his children “earn” their “pocket” money (it was about giving the girls a hand up rather than a handout he says) by getting them involved in a side hustle he had found selling “wrapped” chocolate bars – for parties, weddings, birthdays, events and it just took off from there. As all things do with family enthusiasm soon dropped off but having created a saleable business, Peter was able to sell it on. That little adventure led to winning an award and for the best new business from the chamber of commerce.

Who wouldn’t like to create a success story from a little “opportunity” like that and add a philanthropic element too!

A side hustle that didn’t cost a lot of money, requiring only some creative thinking and making it work ! Culminating in a a perfect lifestyle business that he was able to sell on after the girls left the nest for a life of their own.

Proof that it’s possible to start a business in your 50’s or 60’s that doesn’t have to be your next Richard Branson business but one that can be fun, make a bit of money from and have the lifestyle you want.

Final words form Peter…

No matter how old your are or what skills you have if you have a passion and can put some thought behind it who knows what you can achieve. It’s definitely not as difficult or scary as some people believe… and it can be a lot of fun!

Connect With Peter



The Entrepreneurs Circle

We do hope you enjoyed this chat about side hustles and how you can not only do something yourself but pass down those lessons to your children that they can use in later life

Excited to share that we have been voted in the Top 20 UK Lifestyle Podcasts in the UK

]]> 0 It will all make perfect sense when you hear from Peter Barker our guest on this episode of Living The Retirement Lifestyle Podcast. Peter is Operations Director of Wildgoose Events, an award winning, multi-million pound global events and licensing bu... Peter Barker is Operations Director of Wildgoose Events, an award winning, multi-million pound global events and licensing business but he does love a side hustle Chris and Susan Beesley - Retirement Entrepreneurs 4 2 All Because They Loved Chocolate... clean 26:35
Having Choices When You Get Older Thu, 15 Sep 2022 16:52:54 +0000 In this edition of Living The Retirement Lifestyle Podcast we chat with Bob Clarke about why it’s important to have choices when you get older, why age 50 was pivotal for him and his wife Rosemary and what he discovered in his foray into the online world

Its a fabulous story and we know you’ll have lots of takeaways from it so listen in and hear what he has to say

Like so many of us Bob loved his job working as a health care professional running infertility laboratories up and down the East Coast of the USA but retirement was on the horizon and like so many of us he didn’t want to be dependent on the government or to potentially outlive his money. He wanted to be in control and have choices when he got older

And it’s at that point you start looking (usually while you are still working at your job) and then the shiny objects pop up and because you don’t know any better at this point (been there and done that!) one thing leads to another and you find yourself one of the ‘dabblers’ making a little bit of money but not enough to write home about.

But then something happens…

There’s a a ‘trigger point’

For Bob and his wife Rosemary it was a change in Bob’s job combined with an unexpected heart problem and a lot of stress… and that led to the decision that this online thing could be the answer but that it would require an investment into learning how it all worked and then being able to focus on it part time until they (well Rosemary actually) could see it working for them

The key word as you will hear Bob say was FOCUS. When you sit down to work on your business you can’t go jumping around all over the place because suddenly that 6o minutes you had planned to use is gone in an instant!

So you decide you’ll retire and then you’ll have the time to do this “thing” and that’s when the realisation kicks in that you have to make it work and that requires discipline and the activities you are involved in have to be results or income producing activities. When you focus on that and have a good mentor to help and guide you then you can start to achieve your goals

Now you are “officially retired” we asked what are you doing now?

Bob told us he was working now because he wanted to and he was having fun doing it but that the danger was loving it so much you lose track of time and end up compromising your lifestyle and that’s not how it should be so you have to set boundaries. Time in the office for work. Time in the home for relationships, family and fun.

I want to be that person just like you and Susan where I can say I’ve been in the trenches and because of that can help fill the gaps for others because of what I know that they won’t have to spend endless hours and days trying to find out.

How do you encourage entrepreneurship in retirement?

We know from our own experience that self belief and ‘will it work for me‘ are the conversations that go on inside the heads of people looking at this entrepreneurship thing so we asked Bob how he approaches this. His answer was quite interesting but actually really sensible. “We become their role models” he said. “Almost but not quite like their parents LOL 🤣 These people are watching you and they need to see that you are doing what they want to do. You’ve got to share with them the results of what you’re doing aka the lifestyle but also that it takes work to achieve those results.

What books would you recommend reading for the first time entrepreneur?

We asked Bob to share his favourites and like us he went straight for the classics we all know and love – Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen, The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale. We definitely agree on these and added to it The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann.

Last words of wisdom

We couldn’t end our chat without asking Bob for his final words of wisdom. We loved that he said “keep it simple… There are many moving parts of a business – things you must do every day like generate leads, make sales, grow your audience, build your list… those are the important things that will move your business forward.” Added to that because it’s super important is setting yourself a goal or goals.

Here’s an example Bob uses. If you are in network marketing for example, and your goal is to build that business then the income producing activities you need to focus on are prospecting and showing your company’s presentation to as many people as you can and following up and supporting your team and customers. Do these things first before anything else and you can say you’ve had a successful day. And when you get better it takes less time than in the beginning!

Last but not least don’t work just to work – work with intention and make sure it’s doing something that gives you joy. Something that turns you on or just don’t do it because it won’t work out well.

Gosh there was a lot of wisdom for you to digest during our chat with Bob and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

We read on a recent post of his on Facebook which really sums it up

So grateful for the life we now have.

It wasn’t always like this.

There were many years of living paycheck to paycheck and having more month at the end of our money.

There were lost weekends at work and putting off vacations.

We sacrificed and delayed gratification.

There’s no luck involved in the life we now live.

We deserve it

You can connect with Bob below




Thanks so much for joining us and learning why we and Bob and Rosemary believe that entrepreneurship in retirement is not only a way to generate an income so you are not dependent on your government during this time of life but also a way of living a good life and doing it in a way you love while also helping others

]]> 0 In this edition of Living The Retirement Lifestyle Podcast we chat with Bob Clarke about why it's important to have choices when you get older, why age 50 was pivotal for him and his wife Rosemary and what he discovered in his foray into the online wor... We chat with Bob Clarke about why it's important to have choices when you get older, why age 50 was pivotal for him and his wife Rosemary and what he discovered in his foray into the online world Chris and Susan Beesley - Retirement Entrepreneurs 4 1 Having Choices When You Get Older... clean 34:43
Just A Couple More Steps Mon, 12 Sep 2022 17:51:00 +0000 A few days ago we were given the honour of asking a question of the guest speaker Alison Levine Explorer, Mountaineer, Extreme Adventurer and Author of On The Edge during an Interview With Legends inside our community

She has survived sub-zero temperatures, hurricane force winds, sudden avalanches….and a career on Wall Street so we asked her a question as it relates to entrepreneurship

We asked her “Have you ever got to the point in one of your adventures where you thought to yourself ‘I really can’t go on’ and how did you overcome it and continue”

Here’s what she said

In her answer she shares how her first climb of Mount Kilimanjaro although not technically difficult for a climber definitely challenged her and show she learnt that taking “just a couple more steps” can lead you to achieve your goal – in her case the summit of the volcano

“Sometimes you look up at a mountain and think, ‘I CAN’T!’ And then you climb it anyway.”

As entrepreneurs ourselves, asking this question of someone who is still on top of her game at 56 years of age was truly inspiring

We hope you take away that entrepreneurship is a journey with peaks and valleys but that an end is always in sight if you just take a couple more steps

Thanks for joining us for this short but insightful video

You can find out more about Alison on here website which also has links to her social profiles

Her book On The Edge – Leadership Lessons From Mount Everest And Other Extreme Environments is available from Amazon and all good book stores

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I Am Creating My Dream Life! Tue, 23 Aug 2022 16:53:53 +0000 When we first met today’s guest on Living The Retirement Lifestyle Podcast it was as a result of a post he had written on his Facebook stating “I am creating my dream life”. As we are friends we were drawn to what he had written which we’ll share below and hatched a plan to invite him to appear on our show and share what that meant and what inspired him to not just write it but to make a plan to fulfil his statement

Tune in to find out what happens when everything you dream about starts coming true

Here’s that post that inspired us to get Trevor to do this interview and we believe will inspire you to go ahead and create your dream life whatever that is for you

Let’s unpack this

I’m creating my dream life.

It started with this book…

That book was “Unlikely Destinations : The Lonely Planet Story” The autobiography of a young couple who travelled all over the world starting from the UK and then through uncharted territory of Afghanistan, S E Asia and finally arriving in Australia. During that time they started making little travel guide books (way before the internet was really a “thing” as it is today) and The Lonely Planet (their little side gig 😂) was born

Trevor read it back in 2007

We’re reading it at the moment in 2022 but we already knew about them from their amazing website that has been one of the inspirations for us to travel and record our memories…

Reminding us like Trevor that this is the life we want to live

This is the retirement we want to have

For Trevor he says…

I read Unlikely Destinations: The Lonely Planet Story back in 2007.

It’s the autobiography of the couple that started those little travel guide books.

You know…before the internet was really a “thing”.

I remember reading it back then and thinking…


THAT is the life I want to live.

They travelled from the UK to Afghanistan to S.E. Asia to Australia.

They documented their journey.

The route they took.

The food they ate.

The people they met.

And, when they had a family, they brought their kids on their adventures.

At the time (in 2007) I had NO IDEA how I would make that a reality.

I had only travelled to Ireland (for 1 week) and Mexico on a few all-inclusive vacations.

But, I said to myself then…

You need to CREATE a life where you can live anywhere.

And, still make $$$$.

It started with an INTENTION

But, when your VISION is clear.

You CONSCIOUSLY CREATE your reality.






And, it is another piece to the puzzle that will help me manifest my dreams into reality.

While the path is walked one step at a time.

The destination is no longer “unlikely”

Contacting Trevor



Website & Podcast

Thank you for joining us for this fabulous chat and hope that you are inspired to choose a destination to suit you wherever that may be and whenever that may be…

You can join the Lonely Planet Group on Facebook for inspiration, travel trips and people who love life

Just don’t leave it too late will you

]]> 0 When we first met today's guest on Living The Retirement Lifestyle Podcast it was as a result of a post he had written on his Facebook stating "I am creating my dream life". As we are friends we were drawn to what he had written which we'll share belo... It was as a result of a post he had written on his Facebook stating "I am creating my dream life" that we were drawn to hatch a plan to invite him to appear on our show Chris and Susan Beesley - Retirement Entrepreneurs 3 9 I Am Creating My Dream Life... clean 32:17
Change Your Life To Get A Life Tue, 23 Aug 2022 08:02:08 +0000 Yesterday as is how things happen a very special video appeared in our social media newsfeed

It was from Prince Ea (aka Richard Williams)

He’s known for his inspirational video messages

This one was no exception and probably the most impactful since it speaks to all of us fearful of change

Change Your Life To Get A Life – Start Changing Your Life!

Here’s the transcription of the written word if this how you like to consume information

Change Your Life To Get A Life

I have studied personal growth for a decade, read thousands of books and I’d like to explain my main insight. This might sound strange, but it is my greatest advice. Listen close, I’ll make it concise. The quickest most efficient way to change your life is to change your life. Rearrange your life, architect your existence. It is as simple as this. Think about a seed 🌱. If you plant a seed 🌱and it doesn’t grow, no matter how much you try and toil, you mustn’t blame the seed because the fault lies with the soil.

I visited a graveyard not too long ago. And as I walked around that cemetery, I noticed something. On every tombstone , every single one, there’s two things. A birth date and a death date. B to D. And then I realised that our lives, our very existences, are summed up, totally encompassed in that line between the B and the D. Maybe that’s why they call it a life line, because our life is that line. And if our lives are in between the letter B and the letter D, in that joint, then that means our life is the C. And the C is choice.

Now, look, I’m not here to preach about life after death. I want to talk about something more important, life before death, because from cradle to grave, your life is the sum total of every choice you have ever made. And according to some scientists, the average person makes 35,000 choices per day, but I don’t believe that, because if people made that many conscious choices every day, their lives would be different. And most people are so asleep, with their head down, moving so fast that they don’t see their choices are being made on their behalf.

Let me explain. Do you know the number one predictor for how long you are going to live? Is it, A, blood pressure, B, exercise, or C, genes?

It’s D, none of those.

New research shows the best predictor for how long you’re going to live is not your genetic code. It’s your zip code. Zip code. Look it up. Where you live decides how long you live, because your opportunity determines your possibilities. Your map 🗺determines where you get to. See, life is not like a box of chocolates, it’s more like a restaurant, and your choices are limited to what’s on the menu.

Where am I going with this? I’m saying

“If you want to eat the real food of life, you must have the courage to order off the menu. Let me spell it out for you. Move, travel, change your environment, escape your comfort zone.

Yeah, it’s hard, damn right it’s hard. Sometimes you’ve got to cut the finger to save the arm. Sometimes you’ve got to cut friends out of your life, and it will be sad, but you must hang with people with a common future, not just a common past. And don’t worry about your mistakes, don’t even be concerned, because as they say, sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. This I can confirm, second chances do exist. I don’t care what you did in those streets. The universe allows U-turns, but you must make a new choice, decide on a new path. And when your time comes, I pray in the middle of your B and D is a squiggle, not just a dash.

Thank you Peacock for sponsoring this video. I want you guys to check out Bel Air, which tells an important story about the power of second chances. Do not let the opportunity that comes your way disappear.

Take that chance. Peace.

What more can we add except…

Second chances do exist – don’t pass them up for fear of what might be!

Powerful words

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Musings Of The Gen X Home Business Hero Thu, 11 Aug 2022 10:43:11 +0000 In this episode of Living The Retirement Lifestyle Podcast and Web Show we introduce you to long time friend and entrepreneur Diane Hochman who we first met many years ago in London. She’s a woman of many talents but she’s very well known in the home business arena and a huge proponent of network marketing having started out in 1999 with a network marketing company trying to find a way to be home with her two daughters.  Like many, she did everything she was told to do and when she ran out of warm market she bravely took to the internet to figure out how to meet more people to introduce her business to. That’s where she discovered what we know today as Attraction Marketing and something we use every day in our business…

In fact you’re listening to, watching or reading this because of that!

Time to tune in and listen to her story and make sure to write down those golden nuggets 😀

How Did You Get Into Network Marketing?

A familiar story we’re sure but like many of us Diane shares how she was invited by a friend to what turned out to be an opportunity meeting back in 1999 as a mother of two small children and found a way to be at home with them having left her job as an educator at a college and naively had found herself in debt! Having seen the opportunity she went on to build her first home business.

She built it traditionally to begin as we’re all taught but then found the internet and everything changed and her business grew exponentially via social media in particular.

After that she became recognised as an expert in her field and she hasn’t looked back

Becoming skilled in the field of home business, social media marketing and attraction marketing the world became her stage and is now sought after for events where she is able to fulfil her passion for teaching and training just as we do as well as consultancy and education.

And all that from one decision made 23 years ago!

Our friend Lisa Grossman sums Diane up very well

“To say that I am Diane Hochman’s biggest fan would be an understatement. She is a teacher of truths, a master of mentorship who uses her expertise to help others find their voice and articulate their passions in order to create success in their lives… Nobody does it better”

How Important Is It To Look At Alternative Income Streams?

We’re living in challenging times so we asked Diane to give her thoughts on alternative income streams for someone in or approaching their retirement years.

She recalls the crash of the economy in 2007/2008 (coincidentally what bought us to the online world) and believes what we are about to experience now (it’s 2022 as we write this) will be much more ominous. The truth is that winter will come economically but that’s how the seasons of life roll. Your prepare in the summer and autumn for the winter. Those who see what’s coming can take advantage of that now and prepare just like the squirrels do. Just like Diane did and just like we did.

COVID gave us a whole new way to build a business leveraging the internet and social media and those who are smart enough to recognise that have stayed the course and grown their businesses.

On The Topic Of Retirement

Diane touched on a very important phrase we hear a lot “it’s not fair” – people have worked hard all their lives, it’s not fair the economy is like it is right now, my savings plan (401K in the USA) is down. Why is this happening when I’m 60? Why is this happening when I become eligible to become a ‘pensioner‘, ‘retired’? And the media is stirring the pot as they do. Truth is ‘it’s not fair’ but what if you could do something now that would cause you to have more money than you ever would have with the original pension or social security because bad time are often the start of something wonderful?

What’s Next?

Twenty three years later, the kids have flown the nest and she’s single once more and focused once more in building a network marketing opportunity she loves (very important to love the company and the products) and enjoying life being Diane knowing that she can continue to help people who want help.

Final Words?

Because of a bad times in my financial life I made a decision that changed the course of my whole life… you never know where a home business can lead you…

Finding Diane

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Highly recommend subscribing to her newsletter which you will find on her website

Thanks for joining us for this inspirational podcast with Diane Hochman which we sincerely hope has left you with some serious thinking to do and decisions you can make that will change the course of your life for the better

]]> 0 In this episode of Living The Retirement Lifestyle Podcast and Web Show we introduce you to long time friend and entrepreneur Diane Hochman who we first met many years ago in London. She's a woman of many talents but she's very well known in the home ... In theis show we introduce you to long time friend and entrepreneur Diane Hochman who we first met many years ago in London. She's a woman of many talents but she's very well known in the home business arena and a huge proponent of network marketing having started out in 1999 with a network marketing company trying to find a way to be home with her two daughters.  Chris and Susan Beesley - Retirement Entrepreneurs 3 9 Musings Of The Gen X Home Business Hero clean 35:57